Human Nature

by Ingvar



Human nature is to be conscious and to desire. We are rational and social creatures, but we become who we are in society. We construct a self by bridging doubt by faith— in ourselves (aesthetic self); in others (ethical self) or in God (religious self), but this is only artificial and an illusion.

Being in harmony with the environment and with all species is the core of the human nature. The human is always in between choices. Always having doubts whether to choose right or not. In truth, whatever you choose, you will have done the right choice. Dealing with the outcome, whatever that is, is what makes you stronger as a human.
The human is clinging to hold on to situations for various reasons. Learning to let go when that is needed, is what makes us better as a human.
Being humble and conscious to our existence, we become a medium of energy and contemplate together with the world around us.
Connect with the world and we become wiser as a human.
From stardust we have come and to stardust we will return. The very essence of the human nature is that of the universe. Be one with the universe and you shall become consistent as a human.
The very substance of human nature is love. We all come from the same source, treat everyone as your own and we become kinder as a human.
Believe or do not believe is a trivial matter. To some, god is a higher power, to others the soil that feeds them. Whether you believe or not, the only important thing is to find and be true to yourself and we become complete as a human.

“I sometimes think we are merely passing figures in a godless universe”
- A Passage to India

Music and lyrics by Ingvar
Guitars by Marios
Produced and mixed by Ingvar
Recorded in Athens, Greece in between May and June 2016
Godless Universe recorded live in Athens on 19 June 2014
Self Published by Ingvar

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released June 26, 2016




Ingvar Αθήνα, Greece

Ingvar is a one man project born in Athens out of scandinavian influences. It began in 2009.

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